Kess Kravings | Culinary Brigde Between African and Western Cuisines.

Jenesis Cafe

Our passion is to hand-craft exquisite cakes with stunning designs.  Our cakes are the highlight of a variety of special occasions. 

Just like no 2 events are the same, Jenesis Cafe prides itself on creating original custom cakes.  Every cake we create is unique. 

Jenesis Cafe is Kess brainchild, a woman with a deep passion for pastry with a sharp eye for details, creating elaborate cakes and culinary arts. Kess's favorite cake is double chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream.

We believe that no one creates flavors like mother nature.  We specialize in creating custom cakes using a combination of organic, local, and imported ingredients. Our customers can enjoy every bite knowing their dessert isn't laced with unnecessary artificial chemicals.

At Jenesis Cafe we are excited to use our creative energy and passion for the culinary arts to create beautiful cakes bursting with flavor and imagination. We are blazing a new trail in the cake design industry.

Call us today ... allow us to help make your special day spectacular.