Kess Kravings | Culinary Brigde Between African and Western Cuisines.


Cooking is in my genes. I've been cooking since I was a little girl and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute I've spent in the kitchen. When I wake up in the mornings, I look forward to creating scrumptious meals. In the evening as a drift off to sleep, I mull over various recipe ideas instead of counting sheep.

Despite my love for cooking, I never deemed it a viable career choice. So, I obtained a first degree in computer science. I then received an MBA. All of the paths I have taken have, however, led me right back to my passion: cooking. All of the business and cooking skills I have garnered resulted in the creation of Jenesis Cafe. I want to share my love for cooking with the world. I believe that cooking not only warms the soul; it also nurtures one's desire to spread love through good food. My promise to you is quality cakes made with love.